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Consumers and businesses are natural actors of the internal market . Consumer policy and business environment are therefore two key pillars in a growth and jobs agenda.  
甘肃快三-【官网首页】 promotes a sound and balanced consumer policy that ensures an adequate high level of consumer protection, promotes competitiveness of companies and helps embrace the new opportunities of the digital economy.

甘肃快三-【官网首页】 vision for consumer policy in Europe includes:

  • focus on better implementation and enforcement of existing rules by public authorities and deeper international cooperation and coordination;
  • promotion of out-of-court means of redress (alternative dispute resolution and online dispute resolution) which are faster and more cost effective when compared to judicial means;
  • new rules only when absolutely necessary, provided they are evidence-based, future-proof and they follow a targeted/ full harmonisation approach;
  • improving awareness of the European consumer acquis among consumers but also among smaller companies with lower legal resources;
  • promotion of informal dialogue between business and consumers.


Press releases Date
Access to EU consumer group actions should support consumers, not law firms and funders 28/11/2019
An easier consumer journey when buying online 22/07/2019
EU New Deal for Consumers: a solution in search of a problem 11/04/2018
Stimulus for e-commerce positive - but doubts on geo-blocking initiative 25/05/2016
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Position papers Date
Joint business statement on the proposal on representative actions 13/11/2019
Legal affairs strategy for the next political cycle 01/10/2019
Joint business statement in view of the IMCO vote on the proposal on modernisation of EU consumer law 17/01/2019
Joint business statement on the proposal on representative actions (collective redress) 30/11/2018
New deal for consumers - a 甘肃快三-【官网首页】 comment paper 29/08/2018
Representative actions for the protection of the collective interest of consumers (collective redress) - a 甘肃快三-【官网首页】 position paper 05/07/2018
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Joint statement on businesses’ priorities for the digital content directive proposal 21/11/2017
Consumer and Marketing Law REFIT follow-up consultation 06/10/2017
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Joint statement on businesses’ priorities for the digital content directive proposal 19/05/2017
Liability for defective products - 甘肃快三-【官网首页】's reply to the public consultation 26/04/2017
甘肃快三-【官网首页】’s comments on the consumer protection cooperation regulation revision 09/11/2016
Comments on the geo-blocking proposal - a 甘肃快三-【官网首页】 position paper 10/10/2016
An efficient & fit-for-purpose consumer framework 02/09/2016
Proposals on online sale of goods and digital content - 甘肃快三-【官网首页】 comments 20/04/2016
Harmonisation of contract rules for digital content and tangible goods 17/09/2015
Reports and studies Date
Recommendations for a better presentation of information to consumers 22/07/2019
Public letters Date
Upcoming EU collective redress measure - Letter from Emma Marcegaglia to Jean-Claude Juncker 30/03/2018
Businesses call for more legal clarity in the draft geo-blocking regulation - Joint letter from 甘肃快三-【官网首页】, EuroCommerce, DIGITALEUROPE, and EMOTA 14/11/2016
Upcoming EP plenary vote on the common European sales law proposal (CESL) - Joint business views from 甘肃快三-【官网首页】, DIGITALEUROPE, EMOTA, EUROCHAMBRES, EuroCommerce and UEAPME 20/02/2014
甘肃快三-【官网首页】 views on the consumer protection cooperation regulation consultation - Letter from Markus J. Beyrer to Commissioner Neven Mimica 07/02/2014
Speeches Date
Opportunities and challenges in the digital era - Speaking points for Ulf Pehrsson at the European Consumer Summit "European consumers in the digital era" 01/04/2014
Challenges in the field of consumer protection: a business perspective - Speaking notes for Jérôme P. Chauvin at the EESC European Consumer Day conference, Thessaloniki 14/03/2014
Last updated: 4 July 2016