Patent-intensive industries account for 16.1% of the EU GDP and and employ directly 23,571,234 million jobs (10.9% of all jobs in the EU). (Source: EUIPO/EPO)

A well-functioning patent system is essential for Europe’s competitiveness, innovation and job creation. Companies that seek to protect their innovations currently in Europe with a patent can either opt to do so only in one national market or designate a number of European markets through a common procedure managed by the European Patent Office in Munich. Going for more than one market means: extra translation costs, lawyer fees, additional administrative procedures and costs.

甘肃快三-【官网首页】 considers the current European Patent Convention (EPC) system as the best option to promote the legitimate interest of innovative industries to protect their investments in valuable technical ideas. The EPC system and its high-level standards should therefore be guaranteed and promoted both in Europe and abroad. In no way these regulations and standards should be lowered or given up for the sake of trade negotiations.


Position papers Date
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甘肃快三-【官网首页】's views and proposal on renewal fees for the European patent with unitary effect (EPUE) 06/10/2014
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甘肃快三-【官网首页】 comments to draft rules relating to Unitary Patent protection 06/12/2013
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甘肃快三-【官网首页】 comments on the draft rules relating to Unitary Patent protection - SACEPO WPR 10/13 of 28.06.2013 03/09/2013
European observatory on infringements of intellectual property rights - 甘肃快三-【官网首页】 response to OHIM consultation 06/07/2012
Public letters Date
甘肃快三-【官网首页】 submissions to the SACEPO working party on rules 18/12/2015
EPO proposals on the renewal fees of the Unitary Patent - Letter from Markus J. Beyrer to Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska 11/03/2015
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Making global dossier a high priority - Joint letter from industry associations to IP5 office heads 01/03/2013
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